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Patrick Geschwind founded Patrick Geschwind & Associates in 1999 after twenty five years with SBC (now AT&T), a Fortune 50 company. Patrick's tag line is "Because People Make Business Work." As a performance based consultant, he focuses on assisting clients (primarily owners/senior managers) in getting the very best out of their associates and their organizations. The following eight categories, though not all inclusive, provide the framework of his most common work.

Interim Management: He steps in and runs organizations needing short-term leadership Executive Coaching: He assists clients in developing & executing strategies to grow Search Consulting: He recruits new employees for clients Negotiated Termination/Outplacement: He assists in separating "bad fits" Conflict Resolution: He mediates conflicts, especially between managers & associates Training & Development: He develops and delivers training to clients' associates Investigations: He performs independent investigations, such as claims of harassment Expert Witness: He provides courtroom testimony on HR responsibilities & performance

In his corporate career, Patrick had stints in Marketing & Sales, Customer Services, Operator Services and Human Resources. He employed the motivational strategies of bold target setting, long range vision communication, win-win negotiation, participative management, and fun in the workplace to obtain superior levels of office efficiencies. He served as an internal consultant and shared the practical, people-oriented approaches to managers who encountered difficulties supervising participative-oriented employees.

Patrick served as the President of the Human Resource Management Association of Kansas City and also presided over the UMKC Bloch School of Business and Public Administration Alumni Group's Board of Directors. He formerly served on the Johnson County Community College Career Services Center Advisory Committee, and is an active member of the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce. He is an alumni member of the Centurions of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and was the former President of the Farmington, Missouri Chamber of Commerce.
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