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Recruiting and Search Consulting
You should be able to come to work and focus on your client or customer issues! It should not be necessary to spend so much time on employee issues. The size of an organization should not prevent it from attracting and keeping high quality people who provide superior service to clients or customers. You do not need the budget of a Fortune 500 company to attract and keep the caliber of people who will help you deliver top notch performance to your customers and clients. You can get the help you need to sleep better at night!

Negotiated Terminations
A viscerally disengaged employee on the brink of termination is dangerous.  This person may want to exact revenge on the employer.  The worst form of revenge would be a threat of physical violence to  your company and/or your employees.  The second worst scenario is the prospect of protracted litigation accusing you of wrongful termination.  Finally, the disgruntled ex-employee can spend numerous hours trashing your good name.  How can you remove such a person and lesson your exposure to these horrible possibilities?  You can engage a professional at Patrick Geschwind & Associates who will intercede and negotiate the separation of the troubled employee.  The use of a third party will mitigate a large amount of animosity and provide an element of face-saving that will encourage a fast and fair settlement of the issues and lead to a quick, negotiated resignation.

Training and Development
Highly effective organizations are seen as “learning organizations.”  They prioritize their people, particularly their professional, supervisory and managerial staff.  Thus they look for tools to assist their associates in managing their operations and their subordinate staff.  They make this happen by establishing a training budget, setting a schedule and making it a priority for their folks to attend training.  But, what if your company is too small to develop this training internally?  Patrick Geschwind and Associates has experience designing and delivering training, especially management training to companies who desire to outsource this key function.

Expert Witness
Employment Attorneys search for the most effective way to explain to juries the responsibilities of companies in following laws related to the treatment of applicants and employees.  The Human Resources Department usually has the duty to develop the policies designed to insure that the Corporation is following these laws.  HR Departments bear the burden of communicating these policies to employees and managers and investigating any allegations of unfairness or discrimination.  Patrick Geschwind & Associates helps Employment Attorneys analyze the performance in their cases and has been called upon to testify about the HR Department's performance.

Investigation of Employee Wrongdoing
Allegations of misconduct can paralyze a company.  Are the charges true?  How will management determine the accuracy of such things.  In some cases, it is a “he said/she said” type of problem.  In many cases, local management is too close.  In a few cases, local management is the alleged perpetrator.  Patrick Geschwind & Associates provides independent, third party investigations into these allegations and prepares professional reports providing an assessment and recommended course of action.  In several cases, these investigations were sustained in subsequent compaint and court action.

Executive Coaching
Who supervises the small business owner?  The self-employed entrepreneur has no specific person to whom he or she is accountable.  Many owners find the freedom to do as they please liberating, but also understand that without someone to hold them accountable, they may fail to live up to their own personal expectations.  An executive coach provides structure and accountability for the owner.  The coach challenges the owner on decisions about the business.  The coach inspires the owner to reach for loftier goals, to pursue markets and opportunities that in the past would have been ignored.  Patrick Geschwind & Associates provides executive coaching to several business owners and helps them stretch for higher goal attainment.

Conflict Resolution
Sometimes, ownership and the employees do not see eye-to-eye.  Employee reasons for discord are many, but they may include anger over managerial changes in strategy,  displeasure with reward systems that fail to motivate, or  disgust with inappropriate leadership styles.  A third party can frequently bridge the gap by understanding both sides and presenting an artful solution.  Patrick Geschwind & Associates has mediated conflicts that have resulted in enhanced employee performance.

Human Resources Outsourcing
Small to medium-sized businesses are continually looking for an “edge” in remaining competitive.  To compete, they must attract and retain the best talent that they can procure to serve their customers and clients.  Part of a package to attract and retain these employees is a competitive benefit plan.  But, the costs to provide these benefits are spiraling.  In addition, these companies can not afford to have a Human Resources expert on staff.   Patrick Geschwind and Associates provides the expertise and can allocate the fewest hours necessary to deliver high level HR counseling.  In addition, PGA has contractual partnerships with third party providers who can deliver high level benefit plans to small and medium-sized companies in a cost effective manner.

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