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Patrick Geschwind possesses the rare and essential ability to be able to objectively evaluate the work environment without an unnecessary delay in implementing critical changes. He does this in a professional manner that cultivates cooperation and respect from employees who previously felt disenfranchised. The improvement in morale is quickly noticeable as he sets about creating a team that invests in the welfare of the agency or business in which he is leading.”
Dr. Jan S. Harmon, Psy.d, MACP
Health Service Provider/Psychologist

“I would never be able to say enough about how much Patrick Geschwind meant to our church and private school. He came to oversee our school after an awful year wherein expenses exceeded revenues by $100K (or said another way, revenues covered just 80% of expenses). In less than six months he turned the school around financially - both by making hard cuts to expenses, and by working like a bulldog to increase our revenue (enrolled families). All the while he made personnel decisions, attended to the details or our program, and helped to maintain our aging, shared facility. He also left us with a projected surplus of over $80K.

More than once during his time here, I sorely wished that he wasn't an outside consultant; I would have loved to work with him permanantly. He was wonderful to work with and I commend him to you as a savvy businessman, a caring manager, and now, a friend.”
Scott Sundin, Senior Pastor
Blue Ridge Bible Church

“Patrick Geschwind has been an excellent business partner, providing outplacement, recruitment and general consultative services, utilizing his rich and diverse HR background and knowledge. I would highly recommend his services, having known Patrick for many years prior to our partnering relationship. I appreciate his unique insight and business acumen. He has been both a mentor and a friend.”
Tim Griffin, Vice President of Human Resources
SYSCO Foods of Kansas City

“Patrick is a thorough professional. He handled a difficult situation, including dealing with difficult people, in a manner generating trust with each individual. We were also impressed with his timeliness and detailed documentation. We would not hesitate to use his services again and would strongly recommend him to others.”
James Rollwagen, Corporate Counsel

“We hired Patrick to help us fill a vacancy in our staff and found Patrick to be professional, a good communicator, and a solid business resource. Our respect for Patrick has grown into an ongoing business coaching relationship. He is helping us with the management transition our company is undertaking and he keeps us focused. He ensures we are on the right track. We like his systematic follow-up process and his insightful questions. His outside perspective challenges us to perform and communicate with our staff at a more professional level. It is great having this local expertise readily available to help us continue to grow.”
Leon Schumacher, President
General Elevator & Hydraulics

“Patrick Geschwind is the consummate professional that will guide you through the maze of interviews and opportunities and keep you calm so you can concentrate on the questions and not be concerned with the situation. He stays in touch through the entire process and provides the big picture. You always know where you stand in the process.”
Lonnie Scott, President and CEO
The Minority Supplier Council of Kansas City

“Patrick brings to our organization a level of professionalism that we needed. His individual coaching is like a personalized seminar that is tailored to our specific needs and addresses issues in a real-time manner. We are very positive on the way we are now filling our employee positions. Our recruitment efforts have greatly improved.”
Kyle Carver, Chief Operating Officer
Ronson Manufacturing and Machine

“ I want to say you have been a life saver for us as a  board (speaking for myself)...I know even though you only have a few days you will help Kelly in any way you can – thanks.  There have been many trying times during your time with us, but you knew or got the answers.  I am glad nursing is improving, and it will be so nice to take a breath and move forward!  Any comments/suggestions, etc. you feel the need to share with me would be very much appreciated.  I know you know a lot of stuff I have no idea about.  You have been a great help to us as a board and helped to keep us on task.  You will be missed from my point of view.  I cannot thank you enough.”
Karen Poe
Board Chair - Schuyler County Health Department

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